Massage Therapeutics will be rolling out an advanced therapeutic applications of cupping massage class soon!

Positional Release Training

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​"Very excited to put this to work! Gives me hope that my body will last longer." Sue 6/26/17

"Enjoyed this more than the ITCA 3 day course, although we covered more areas in that class, this was more thorough info!" 3/18/17

​"Amazing class. Mary was well educated, excellent instructor, well organized. Overall one of the best CEU's I have taken!!" Karen, 3/18/17​

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  •   Positional Release Training

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Massage Therapeutics Cupping Massage Classes

Cupping Massage Classes

Effective Release for Face, Jaw, Neck and Sinuses: Cupping, Manual and Gentle Instrument Assisted Work

Advanced Cupping Massage: Refine, Deepen, Expand Your Skills for Deeper Release     

Learn to massage using soft slicone massage cups. These cups are highly versatile, and can be used for the gentlest  release of a painful trigger point or deep myofascially oriented work. Less stress on your hands too!

Specialty Cupping

Massage Classes

The mission of Massage Therapeutics is to provide quality education to fellow massage therapists. Our goal is to give you an experience in Excellence:  

  • through training in the best massage techniques and skills
  • by protecting your career from injury
  • with beneficial results for your clients
  • in establishing a thriving business

Learning positional release can feel like memorizing a technical manual. You will learn principles and techniques for fluidly applying positional release that will let you get out of your head and into your hands with amazing results.

Mary Henderson

Gloucester, MA




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