"Hi Mary, I am very thankful for you and your class! I cannot get over the difference using cups and the big bonus is how much I am NOT exhausted or too sore at the end of the day!" Amy, 7/1/19

"Thank you so much Mary for one of the most well organized, fun and informational courses that I have taken in a long time. I am very glad I took this course as the information you provided is essential for safety and comfort of the massage." Nina 5/12/18

"I loved the cupping class and although reluctant to try it on my clients, I jumped right in… and… they… LOVED IT! I used it on one persons calves and back.. Amazing how easy it is on the hands. Just amazing. One comment my client said was that they couldn’t tell that I was using the cupping on his back but I could see the tissue responding! I have told everyone about you and I can’t wait till the advanced class." Shirley, 12/7/18

"Most amazing class. Easy to understand, informative and very enjoyable. 8 hours flew by!!" Melissa 5/12/18

"I have been wanting to send a thank you email since I took the intro class with you in mid-October.  I have really enjoyed the work and the results with clients and your instruction was on point." MaryAnn, 11/13/18

"I've had great success with the cups - amazing results, actually, on two people that traditional deep tissue massage wasn't getting it for them....but the cups!?!?!  WOW!"  Kathy, 8/3/18

"Enjoyed this more than the ITCA 3 day course, although we covered more areas in that class, this was more thorough info!" 3/18/17

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists NCBTMB Approved CE's!

Learning positional release can feel like memorizing a technical manual. In this class, you will learn principles and techniques for fluidly applying positional release that will let you quickly and painlessly relieve trigger points.

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Start using this great skill at your next session! Comprehansive, hands on training to massage using soft slicone cups for effective relief with less stress on your hands!

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Continuing  Education for Massage Therapists

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Continuing Education CUpping Massage Classes

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Effective Release for Face, Jaw, Neck and Sinuses: Cupping, Manual and Gentle Instrument Assisted Work

Advanced Cupping Massage: Refine, Deepen, Expand Your Skills for Deeper Release