What Kind of Lubrication Should I Use for Cupping?

I highly recommend using a thicker cream to help maintain suction and glide with the cups. Lotions are typically too light and gel and oil may accumulate on the cup edge and get gummy. Feel free to bring the product you normally use, but also have cream with you in case you don't like how your product works. Make sure to have a good amount of whatever product you will be using, at least 10 oz. You will go through a lot more product with cupping than with typical manual work. I personally use  Bon Vital' Organica massage cream. Here is a link for your convenience if you want to try it for class.

What if I am Ill on the Day of Class?

Vouchers for a future class will be given to students who are too ill to attend class. Please consider your physical health and also  be considerate of other attendees when making decisions about whether to attend a class or not. Students who come to class sick may not be allowed to participate as recipients during the practice sessions. For example, fever and dehydration are contraindications for cupping massage.

What if I Have a Contraindication for Cupping Massage?

Cupping massage may be contraindicated for a student in the cupping massage class. When this occurs, that student may not be able to receive work, but will be able to practice the skills taught in class. One example is pregnancy. Pregnant students may not receive cupping work. Students who are taking medications for a medical problem or who have a serious medical condition should consult their personal physician to ensure that receiving cupping massage in class will be safe for them. Cupping massage is a highly circulatory modality and causes increased vasodilation, increased vascular and lymphatic circulation, and stimulates the immune system. Minor capillary breakage called ecchymosis can also occur.

How Should I Dress for Class?

You will be getting on and off the table throughout the day. You should wear clothing that is easy to get in and out of and bring a robe to make transitions on and off the table go smoothly.

What Should I do to Prepare for Class?

Eating and hydrating healthfully and getting a good nights sleep are a good idea the day before, day of and day after class. This will help your body to respond in the most beneficial way to this work.

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What Should I do to Prepare My Cups For Class?

The cups can be stiff to work with at first, especially the bubble top cups. If you are working with brand new cups, it is a good idea to wash them thoroughly in hot sudsy water and to squeeze and work the cups to decrease their stiffness before you have to use them in class.

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What Should I Avoid Before Participating in a Cupping Massage Class?

You should not receive any other body work (except chiropractic), spa treatment, (or facial if you are attending the Face, Jaw and Neck class) or sun tanning within 48 hours of attending a cupping massage class as this is contraindicated for receiving cupping work. Avoid taking Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve or other NSAID's (unless prescribed by a physician) on the day of class and preferably avoid them for several days prior to the class.

What Should I Bring to Class?

  • Massage Cups
  • Massage Cream: 10 oz. minimum
  • Linens for the massage table including face cradle cover
  • Water bottle
  • Robe
  • Pen