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Facial  massage cups will be required for this class and can be purchased using the link below. The smaller bubble top and dome cups will also be used in this class. Please see links under Cupping Massage Intro Description. You may purchase the IASTM tool or use one provided in the class.

Positional Release: Getting Out of Your Head and Into Your Hands 


In this class you will learn:

  • Benefits and contraindications for cupping massage
  • How to manipulate and move the cups for soft tissue work
  • How to control resistance for a comfortable application of the massage cups
  • Specific techniques for gentle and deep releases to relieve muscle tension and pain
  • How to work with the lymphatic circulation
  • How to use static placement to enhance soft tissue work
  • How to integrate cupping massage work with manual soft tissue work
  • How to apply cupping massage for therapeutic applications

Effective Release for Face, Jaw, Neck and Sinuses:

Cupping, Manual and Gentle Instrument Assisted Work 


Prerequisite: Must have previously completed cupping massage training for soft silicone cups and contraindications.

In this class, you will learn to apply soft silicone massage cups, gentle IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and manual techniques to reduce muscular tension, improve muscular balance, and enhance lymphatic circulation in the face, jaw and neck. Particular attention will be given to the interrelationship of jaw and neck tension and the resultant pain and restriction in the jaw that are common complaints in the massage therapist's practice. Our focus will be on the muscles of the face, jaw and neck that we can access safely with the use of massage cups. The face and neck offer some special challenges for cupping massage because of the sensitive tissue in these areas and the presence of major blood vessels. The use of facial cups, which allow for a fine degree of control will be taught along with appropriate precautions and contraindications for their use.

Students will also learn to integrate the use of the smaller dome and bubble top cups taught in prior courses into this work where appropriate. Proper circulatory and lymphatic orientation while using the massage cups on the face, jaw and neck will be central to this training, including considerations for the sinuses. Students of this course must have previous training in the use of soft silicone massage cups and contraindications for their use. To further address areas of the neck and jaw, including areas not accessible for cupping work, students will learn to apply very gentle IASTM to specific jaw and neck muscles and selected manual techniques to address myofascial pain and tension in the jaw that can be integrated into the cupping massage and their routine manual work. Self-care to help clients manage jaw tension will also be covered.

Advanced Cupping Massage: Refine, Deepen, Expand Your Skills for Deeper Release     


Prerequisite: Must have previously completed cupping massage training for soft silicone cups and contraindications.

No doubt, you have both enjoyed and been challenged by your initial practice of cupping massage. The introductory class is designed to give you the skill and confidence to begin practicing this work. The cups challenge us to provide that "just right" level of resistance and sensitivity to the muscle tissue to achieve the best possible release. The Advanced Cupping Massage Class is designed to refine, deepen and expand your skills. In this class, you will have the opportunity to refine your cupping massage skills to achieve deeper and more sensitive releases with seamless effort. You will learn to incorporate directionality and pin and stretch techniques that will allow you to increase stretch where muscle tension and musculoskeletal imbalance are observed. You will also learn to add different types of movement of your client's muscles into the cupping work to achieve deeper and more effective release of muscle tension.This course will give you greater confidence and skills for providing the best cupping massage work for your clients!

In this class you will learn:

  • The specific steps for applying positional release.
  • Cautions and modifications for applying positional release.
  • The strategic use of palpation and creating slack for applying positional release for specific upper and lower body applications.
  • To problem solve using positional release strategies in order to transfer the use of positional release techniques to specific muscular areas of concern. 

Both Dome and Bubble Top Cups Are Required for the Class. Purchase Cups Links Are For Your Convenience. USE LUREGIFT discount code. Please make sure to order the 6 piece set of dome cups (Zen 2 large, 4 small) and the 4 piece set of bubble top cups (Edge XL, L, M, S). The clear Edge cups are stiffer and more effective for therapeutic use, the blue Edge cups are more flexible and easier to compress.

Continuing  Education for Massage Therapists

Cupping Massage Classes

Continuing Education CUpping Massage Classes

You will want to have cups for this class that still have a good amount of tension in them.  If your cups are aging, you may want to buy a few new cups for this class depending on the condition of your cups. These links are for your convenience and are the cups that will be used the most for this class.

In this class you will learn:

  • Precautions and contraindications for cupping massage for the face, jaw, neck and sinuses.
  • Proper use and application of facial cups.
  • Proper circulatory and lymphatic orientation while using massage cups on the face, jaw and neck.
  • Proper use and application of facial cups and manual techniques to enhance sinus drainage.
  • Strategic use of cupping massage to improve muscular balance in the neck and jaw.
  • Cupping massage technique to reduce muscular tension and decrease pain in the jaw.
  • Very gentle IASTM technique for areas in the neck and head not accessible to massage cups.
  • Trigger point and myofascial release techniques for the jaw.
  • Self-care strategies that can be taught to clients to help them to manage jaw tension.

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Cupping Massage: Introduction, Integration, and Therapeutic Applications 


Cupping massage opens up a whole new world of benefit for the client and the therapist. Several years ago, I was introduced to cupping work. At that time, I began to develop my own style and techniques of applying massage cups to address soft tissue dysfunction. Cupping massage has revitalized my career, and in 2016, I became an NCBTMB approved CE provider and began to share this powerful work with other therapists.

This class provides an introduction to soft tissue mobilization using soft silicone massage cups. These cups are easy to apply and manipulate for a massage-like experience that easily integrates right into your manual work. Cupping massage provides a kind of reverse massage, pulling up through the tissue, creating stretch and increasing hydration and blood flow. Pain and tension are reduced in a fraction of the time and with much less discomfort than with other manual techniques. Five minutes of cupping massage can relax the tissue as much as 30 minutes of manual work, while static cupping is like having an extra therapist with you, working on a tight area, while you are free to work on other needy muscles! 

The degree of control in using these cups allows from the gentlest of release of a painful trigger point to a deep myofascially oriented mobilization. In addition, because of the degree of control with these cups, the deep marking that has come to be associated with cupping work can typically be avoided when this is of concern. However, this marking is not a bruise but evidence of debris being lifted from the deeper tissues associated with restrictiveness in the tissue which decreases as the tissue becomes healthier. This class is a combination of lecture and demonstration and there is ample time allotted for hands on practice. The attendee will come away with a working knowledge of using soft silicone cups that can be immediately applied in their massage practice. Clients and therapists are loving this work!

Positional release is like massage "magic" for clients. One second they feel the sharp pain of a trigger point, and the next they are out of pain, and the trigger point evaporates...completely. Manually releasing the tight musculature would have required significantly more effort for the therapist and discomfort for the client. Unfortunately, learning positional release can feel like memorizing a technical manual. There are precise instructions for every specific muscle, sometimes requiring positioning that just doesn't work on the massage table.

This course was born out of my 16 years of experience in providing therapeutic massage. I found myself drawn to positional release technique during my days in massage school where I was dubbed the “queen of positional release”. LOL! I loved the results of this work! As time went on, I found myself working with the client’s body to achieve positional release without all the technical boundaries. Positional release became a natural part of my interaction with injured muscles.

In this class, you will learn the specific steps for applying positional release technique to reset the proprioreceptors of a muscle and achieve relief of focused tight, tender and painful areas in the muscle. You will learn to apply positional release for several upper and lower body applications. The focus of the class will be on developing an in depth understanding of how to create slack at the point of tension and pain in the muscle, and utilize conscious palpation to obtain release in these areas. You will be able to strategically use these skills to problem solve so that you can apply the use of positional release technique to virtually any muscle. You will learn a strategy and a facility of movement that will allow you to apply this technique to virtually any muscle at any point in the massage. You will learn to provide in the moment relief to your clients with a minimum of stress. The gentleness of this work and the relief it affords with little disruption to the flow of the session is amazing! You will learn principles and techniques for fluidly applying positional release that will let you get out of your head and into your hands with amazing results!

In this class you will learn to:

     REFINE Your Massage Skills Using the Cups:

  •  Develop finer palpation with the cups
  •  Seamlessly adjust resistance while massaging with the cups
  •  Perfect skills for desensitizing painful areas
  •  Apply deeper focal resistance for work on tight areas

     DEEPEN Your Cupping Massage Releases with Purposeful Stretch:

  • Directionally focus strokes to increase stretch where muscle tension and musculoskeletal

          imbalance is observed

  • Apply pin and stretch techniques for more effective release

     EXPAND Your Static Cup Skills:

  • Add movement facilitated release techniques during static placement
  • Apply passive, active and resisted movement techniques appropriately