Continuing  Education for Massage Therapists

Cupping Massage Classes

Continuing Education CUpping Massage Classes

​​​​​​​​Massage Specialty Classes:

Intro and Specialty Cupping Massage Classes, Positional Release

Massage Therapeutics provides specialized classes to enhance your massage practice. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to the field of massage. Gaining ongoing skills is critical to a vibrant career. Therapeutic and deep tissue practitioners particularly find these courses helpful. Massage Therapeutic's classes give the massage therapist the tools to dramatically improve outcomes for their client, increase client retention and decrease stress on the practitioners body. Class time allows for instruction and demonstration of skills and time for practicing and receiving the work. See Class Schedule for more information and to register for classes.

Courses are open to licensed massage or other manual therapists only and all attendees must provide proof of professional liability coverage. This is required because all classes involve hands on practice and to insure a high level of professionalism in each class. 

​​See Class Schedule for current schedule, locations and fees.

Bring a class to your practice!

Classes of ten or more students receive $25 off each registration when you provide the space, tables, and set up the registrations. (Only offered within a 2 hour radius of Gloucester, MA) I'd love to come to you!


One on one coaching is available for the practitioner who wants to refine what they have learned in class. Sessions can be arranged to give and receive work. In these sessions, you will receive immediate, personalized and guided feedback on the application of skills learned in a class. All mentoring sessions are provided in the Gloucester, MA office of Massage Therapeutics.

​Please call to schedule your mentoring session:


Cupping Massage Classes Massage Therapy Continuing Education

$50 per 30 minutes

​​Receive a Session

If you would like to receive a preview of the work being taught, you are welcome to come in for your own session.

All sessions are provided in the Gloucester, MA office of Massage Therapeutics.

​Please call to schedule your appointment:



$50 per 30 minutes